Detached Zip-Up Jacket


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Detached Zip-Up Jacket

We were so excited about the first season of our Detached Zip-up Jacket that we had to create a new one for this winter! It features a high collar and long sleeves, just like last time.

The torso fits closely around your body without being too tight or looses anywhere else—a perfect layer on those windy days where you need something warm but not overbearing in temperature regulation properties (it's always changing).

Nylon 80%
Spandex 20%


You can keep your clothes looking like new with this easy-care guide! Machines should be laundered at 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit).
Don't bleach or dry clean garments, but do remove them promptly so they maintain their shape. Refer to caring label for more information about what you need in terms of cleaning chemicals, time frame recommendation etcetera."

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